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Rejoignez Xenosystems, l'organization Star Citizen internationale.

Posté : ven. 7 juin 2019 14:14
par TheLibrarian
Fondée par un Français et un francophone, Xenosystems est néanmoins une organisation Star Citizen internationale et donc anglophone. Un minimum d'aptitude de communication dans la langue de Shakespeare est donc exigé. Vous pourrez en profiter pour améliorer votre anglais.

Si vous pouvez lire ce qui suit, que vous êtes relax et avez le sens de 'humour, n'hesitez pas nous rejoindre.


Who we are

We are a privately owned geological survey organisation, that proudly delivers commercially viable mineral deposits for the galaxy’s mining industry.

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey performs the prerequisite checks which enable the discovery and extraction of popular commodity constituents, from intra-planetary and extra-planetary sources, and facilitates the sale of its mineral property assets to its corporate partners.

The co-founders of the business made their fortunes by investing in a little-known mining venture formed prior to the advent of RSI’s Orion mining platform, and based on the knowledge of its anticipated arrival, by developing a lead into what was, then, a very stagnant and exclusive industry.

No one was prepared for the explosion of entrepreneurial activity hat originated with the commercial release of the Orion, nor did they foresee the profound effect it would have on the economy. Suffice to say, our founders’ initial investment performed rather well.

With the dividends of their success and their burgeoning knowledge of the mining sector, our founders incorporated Xenosystems Exploration & Survey as a cutting-edge prospecting organisation, to discover and acquire new mineral deposits for resale.

Xenosystems is now rolling out an aggressive growth strategy, with a view to becoming the premier prospecting establishment across all sovereign territories. For more information on career opportunities, please click here.


What we offer

Xenosystems is an industrial organisation first and foremost. Our intention is to create a robust and profitable company within the ‘Verse, within which our members can have a great time and thrive.

While the mechanics of payments and contracts are still in development, we can provide a rough guide of the types of gameplay we’ll be offering for new and existing members.

Solo or Coop

The beauty of Xenosystems is that our core activities can carried out by lone wolves and team players, alike. If you want to prospect, mine or claim by yourself this is entirely possible and welcomed. We know that some nights you’ll just want to tune out, listen to a playlist and bash some rocks. We’ll be around later for when you want the camaraderie of others.

What we aim to offer to the solo player, is a number of benefits such as those outlined below:

Use of org ships. Typically these will include Terrapins and Prospectors.
Profit share
Support & Rescue
No micro-management. Ever.

For those interested in teamplay, we envisage our standard industrial teams to run from 2 players upwards in an almost infinitely scalable fashion. We will likely recommend that operations take place within a two system radius of our mobile base of operations, so as not to stretch our support abilities too far, but we’re more than open to allowing teams and individuals explore opportunities further afield. The idea is that we can have any combination or quantity of teams working together in concentrated or distributed areas to achieve our strategic objectives.


We specialize

You might be wondering why you don’t see any security allocations in our team examples. This is because we plan to outsource most of our security requirements to a growing list of trusted commercial partners. This way we can focus our development and training on our core competencies, helping us to become the best mineral extraction and property asset management firm in the ‘Verse.

However, for those of you interested in taking a proactive stance on safety and security, we will be establishing regular joint training sessions with our partners. This will allow them to become familiar with our operational requirements and limitations, and permit our members to learn combat techniques and awareness from the experts.

It shouldn’t go without saying that we won’t require every minute of your life to be dedicated to the organisation. It’s a game at the end of the day and we don’t want anyone to feel limited by our areas of specialism.



Recently incorporated and in the nascent stages of growing its ranks, Xenosystems Exploration & Survey aims to become the leading supplier of geological survey and mineral property asset management in the ‘verse. To achieve this, we intend to develop a robust and driven workforce, built upon expertise and initiative.

We are currently recruiting a variety of positions, from support staff right the way through to senior management. If you feel you have the required skill set and passion to contribute to the organisation, get in touch.

For management roles, please use this contact form. For standard applications please use the link to our RSI org site.

You can also contact us directly via Discord.


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Re: Rejoignez Xenosystems, l'organization Star Citizen internationale.

Posté : dim. 9 juin 2019 09:23
par Malheur
Très intéressant ce projet. Je ne sais pas si les affiches sont de vous, auquel cas, félicitations ! Elles sont superbes.

Bonne aventure à vous !

Re: Rejoignez Xenosystems, l'organization Star Citizen internationale.

Posté : ven. 14 juin 2019 14:37
par TheLibrarian
Merci, on reçoit beaucoup de questions sur les affiches, c'est pourquoi on a fini par ajouter un mot sur le sujet dans la FAQ, la plupart de celles postées ci-dessus sont basées sur des affiches public domain de la NASA.