Write an essay on the proposed topic?

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Write an essay on the proposed topic?

Messagepar Heridan » jeu. 2 déc. 2021 13:24

How to write an essay
In the context of such a student's creativity, there is no place for an imposed text structure, plan, cliche, the composition is built as arbitrarily as possible. But there are recommendations for choosing a topic, building an internal structure and design so that the result is logical, in the correct chronology and competently designed.

To write "excellent", you need:

choose a relevant topic;
consider the initial tasks;
make a structure;
make a plan and follow it.
Choosing a topic
Most often, the teacher himself selects relevant topics for students. If there were no clear instructions, you need to choose what will be as audience-oriented as possible. It can be a teacher personally, a conference, a commission, an employer, a literary community or another.

Think about what criteria will influence the final assessment. It is desirable that you have at least basic knowledge in this area in order to maximize your abilities and knowledge. The listener will expect logic, originality, professional qualities, literacy, and the ability to correctly build sentences from you.

If the text will be written for the employer, choose the topic through which you will be able to reflect your best qualities and talents as much as possible. Otherwise, strive for something that will be extremely interesting to you yourself. Otherwise, a boring and obscure topic will not give you the opportunity to reveal your vision as intelligently and competently as possible.

Where to start?
Even knowing the stages of writing and disclosure of the subject, it is very difficult for most performers to start with something. It's good to have an example or a close template at hand, but often teachers give topics that have not yet been disclosed by other students. A kind of introduction can be made by following simple tips:

formulate the idea and purpose of the creative presentation, find the optimal set of literature and sources;
find out what the technique of freeriting is, that is, the free recording of thoughts and ideas without tracking spelling, punctuation and design, which allows you to not have extraordinary ideas;
do not get hung up on the introduction, this part can be arranged at the end of the work, when you open up and understand the topic as much as possible;
the simplest scenario for constructing a text is to pose a question and then add an answer with arguments and facts.
In any kind of creative work, the most difficult tasks will be how to start and finish the work. Experienced specialists in writing texts usually start with the main part of the work. And after studying and maximizing the disclosure of the topic, it's easier to find how to issue an introduction, annotation and conclusion.

Essay structure
There are no specific requirements for how the essay structure is designed, but there is a sample that makes it easier to move along in order to compose a competent text. The structure and order of writing conditionally contains 3 sections:

The introduction is the part that should motivate the reader to further study the material. Here the problem is formulated, a rhetorical question can be posed, important quotations can be used. Create the right emotional mood to bring the listener closer to the problem.
The basis – in this part, the problem is indicated, different views on it, the history of the issue. Inside this piece of text there should be sub-paragraphs:
thesis - a judgment that has evidence;
justification – presentation of arguments confirming the thesis;
sub-output is the answer to the question, most often it is partial.
The main emphasis should be on argumentation, for example, situations from life, opinions of specialists and scientists. The sequence will be as follows – a weighty statement on the topic, your explanation, an illustrative example, a judgment on the outcome and conclusion.

Conclusion - complete the main part with a summary, where the conclusions on all theses will be listed, the problem and its solution will be clarified. The reader should see a logical conclusion based on argumentation.

Write an essay on the proposed topic?



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Re: Write an essay on the proposed topic?

Messagepar Lebrons » jeu. 2 déc. 2021 13:48

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Re: Write an essay on the proposed topic?

Messagepar Stanley_Santiago » mer. 15 déc. 2021 20:05

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Re: Write an essay on the proposed topic?

Messagepar MaryFox » jeu. 16 déc. 2021 13:10

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Re: Write an essay on the proposed topic?

Messagepar AdamMil » lun. 20 déc. 2021 22:41

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Re: Write an essay on the proposed topic?

Messagepar LucasAbrams » lun. 20 déc. 2021 23:42

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Re: Write an essay on the proposed topic?

Messagepar alexwarrior » sam. 22 janv. 2022 10:22

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Re: Write an essay on the proposed topic?

Messagepar Lebrons » sam. 12 févr. 2022 08:42

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Re: Write an essay on the proposed topic?

Messagepar jamesanderson » lun. 21 févr. 2022 06:33

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